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701 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA, 94710
United States


Rocket Glass Works is an artisanal handblown glass tableware, lighting and decorative object designer and manufacturer. We use traditional glassblowing technique alongside modern manufacturing processes to make all of our products by hand in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


The trials & tribulations of starting a small-scale hand-blown glass company in Oakland, California. 

Truckin' Along

Sam Schumacher

Well, things are truckin' along for RGW. I've been keeping busy with commissions for tableware and even some of my sculptural work, while building up the shop, teaching and trying to find time to get the Kickstarter finished, and work on new designs.

Dang, now that I say that, that's a lot. I always feel like I'm not making enough progress, but the farther along I get with this little company, the more I'm realizing just how much work something like this takes, and the more inspired I get by all the people out there making. It takes a long time to do this right, and I'm okay with that. 

I Just got the final cut of the Kickstarter video back, and it looks great! Now just the other back-end work like reward development and planning for the campaign. Hopefully it'll do well, and RGW will have some seed money and a group of folks interested in the company.