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701 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA, 94710
United States


Rocket Glass Works is an artisanal handblown glass tableware, lighting and decorative object designer and manufacturer. We use traditional glassblowing technique alongside modern manufacturing processes to make all of our products by hand in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


The trials & tribulations of starting a small-scale hand-blown glass company in Oakland, California. 

Here We Go!

Sam Schumacher

Well, we're officially making glass under the Rocket Glass Works name! We've mostly been selling on private commission so far from friends & family, and customers finding our work in the gallery at our studio. It's a great feeling to have our work in the hands of people who appreciate it, and to have built a connection with those people over the objects they use every day. 

We're still a ways away from full-scale production, but progress is being made! We want RGW to be a sustainable, thoughtful (and well-thought-out) company, and that starts from the ground up. We're only taking on jobs we can manage for now, as we work on more back-end business development. It's tempting to work in the studio blowing glass all day, because that's why we're here, but investing in the business model is what's going to keep us blowing glass in the long term, so that's our focus for now.

We have a lot of exciting things coming up, so stay tuned, as we'll be posting more of our work soon, launching our e-commerce platform & sharing more about our apprenticeship program and how we're making this big, wonderfully-terrifying dream a reality. Thank you for all your support, and for taking a little extra time to learn about the company and the people behind your glassware.